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How To Stand Out As A Young Lawyer

When you’re a young lawyer, you have a ton to prove. Travis Williams is a young public defender with an impressive reputation. He was even featured in a documentary about public defender jobs. Check out this short video to find out how to stand...

How To Find A Mentor As A Young Lawyer

I always say that law school teaches you to read, write, and think like a lawyer, but it doesn’t teach you how to be a lawyer. You often have to figure that out on the job. As a young public defender, Travis Williams shares...

How An Overworked Public Defender Manages His Time

In Gideon’s Promise, a documentary about being a public defender, you see Travis Williams at his office working late into the night. While public defender jobs are particularly demanding, all lawyers can expect to put in long hours. In this video, find out how...

How To Find Your Path Serving Others

Many people go to law school because they want to help others, and there are plenty of public interest careers that allow you to do so. Travis Williams, for instance, is a public defender, but he considered other options, too. Williams suggests how you...

Trial Tips: How To Convince A Jury

If you’ve seen Gideon’s Army, you know that Travis Williams, one of the public defenders featured in the film, has a presence on camera and in the courtroom. In today’s professional development video, he shares his trial tips with you about convincing a jury...

Lawyers: Why You Should Consider Public Defender Jobs

Many law students dismiss public defender jobs because of the low pay, long hours and difficult clients. Even if you feel this way, watch our interview with Travis Williams, as you’ll come away inspired. Travis is one of the public defenders featured in the...


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