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About Marc

I'm here to get you unstuck, help you determine work you would find fulfilling, and give you the tools to get hired using your law degree.

Since 2003, I’ve been helping lawyers with their careers: first as a legal recruiter and then as founder of JD Careers Out There and my JD Refugee® coaching programs. I too am a lawyer, and I've used my law degree in alternative ways.
After concluding that practicing law wasn’t for me during a summer associate job, I navigated my way through skeptical and confused non-legal employers who threw words at me like "overqualified" and "underqualified." Ultimately, I got to work in the music industry and use my JD without practicing law.

Years later when the music industry changed, I struggled with how to reinvent myself and continue to make use of my degree. I figured it out thanks to the help of a career coach, my previous alternative career searches, and exploring a couple paths that fit me. I chose to become a legal recruiter ("headhunter," "search consultant").
As a legal recruiter, I found far too many practicing lawyers to be miserable. Some knew since day one that they were stuck in a career that didn't fit. Others liked law at first, but eventually got worn down and wanted out. I knew how to help them and wanted to start doing that. So that's what I did.

I look forward to helping you move forward!


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What's it like to work with me?

 You'll find yourself in a judgement-free zone where you can speak openly, and in confidence, with someone who "gets" you. Together, we'll map out an action plan for the road ahead.

Here's what others are saying about working with me:

"Working with Marc changed the way I talk about my professional experience, legal background, and career goals. That more focused, composed communications ability impressed both friends and employers. Applying it made me more confident in myself and in what I wanted. This clarity was invaluable! It led me to find the right job and be able to communciate why it was right!"

-Scott B.
Transitioned D.C. Attorney

"I contacted Marc for coaching after many months of frustration with my job situation, knowing that I wanted to make a change but not sure what that would look like or how to do it. During my initial call with Marc, I immediately felt at ease and was comfortable sharing my story. Marc listened and, perhaps even more importantly, understood me. I’ve gained a better sense of who I am and what I value (both personally and professionally) from working with Marc, which I know will serve me well wherever my career may go. After 8 years of law firm life, I’m excited to be embarking on a new adventure.”

Washington, D.C. Attorney

"I truly appreciate Marc’s attention to detail and his dedication to helping his clients. Through his one-on-one coaching, Marc makes a whole-hearted attempt to get to know his clients, understand them individually, and give them the best advice he can. Marc doesn’t “fire from the hip” when he’s counseling. He takes his time to help his clients evaluate their weekly homework assignments and he makes sure his clients stay on track with the program.

Having finished the course, I have a much better understanding of who I am as a person and what I need to do with my life and where my career fits. I’ve received excellent guidance from Marc, and the program makes clear that I’m now on the right path to finding what I’m looking for in my career as well as knowing how to have a healthy work-life balance.

I’m starting a new opportunity as I write this and am excited to see how the future unfolds.”

-Michael M.
Los Angeles Attorney

"Hiring Marc for interview coaching was the best investment I could have ever made for my job search. I contacted Marc after having a series of failed firm interviews. After receiving his coaching, I got not one but three job offers at major law firms. Marc knows the ins and outs of the law firm interview process, having once worked as a legal recruiter. Do not hesitate to use his services!"

D.C. Lawyer

"Before reaching out to Marc, I was unhappy and felt stuck in my career path. I’d gone to law school, worked at a small firm, transitioned to a midsize firm and was thinking about moving to a larger, more prestigious firm just because that’s what I thought lawyers were supposed to do. I realized I was headed for the “golden handcuffs” trap, so I reached out to Marc for help. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m so glad I took the risk and joined his program.

Marc was extremely empathetic and he gave me advice that specifically targeted my situation and needs. The conversations and exercises helped me understand the flaws and assumptions of my own thinking, which has helped me be more flexible in my career search. Finally, Marc’s conversations were more than “fluff”. He provided me with practical networking skills that I hope to use for the rest of my life.

Because of Marc’s program, I’m more in tune with what I want and I have the skills and confidence to get there. If any lawyer feels lost, needs motivation to get out of law or wants to improve their networking skills, I highly recommend taking Marc’s program.”

Transitioning Corporate Transactional Attorney in NYC


"As a recent law grad, I was stuck in limbo - unsure what kind of legal career to pursue and how to move forward. Marc's coaching really helped narrow my focus, while at the same time he opened my eyes to possibilities I hadn't yet considered. Absolutely worth every penny!"

-Melissa in California
JD, Class of 2014