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How Legal Knowledge Management Can Help Lawyers With Their Jobs

Do you know your law firm’s knowledge manager? Today, David Hobbie shares how legal knowledge management can help you, particularly if you’re a young associate. David used to practice law and chose to leave law to become a knowledge manager. If you’re curious to...

A Lawyer’s Guide To How To Take Constructive Criticism

Do you get angry when someone gives you negative feedback? Even if the criticism is intended to be “constructive,” it’s not easy to hear. Greg McLaughlin, a law grad who has pursued nonprofit careers, shares how to take constructive criticism in a positive way...

How To Delegate Work AND Make Sure It Gets Done Right

Does it seem like you always have more work than you can handle? Figuring out how to delegate is an essential skill as you advance your career. But it’s not as simple as handing out assignments to other people. In this video, law grad...

How Lawyers Can Gain Respect When Starting A New Job

There’s no question that law firm life is intimidating. If you’re starting a new job at a law firm, check out Joey Jackson’s video for some encouragement to get you through your doubts. He shares what to do – and what NOT to do...


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